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Clock Pro App for iPhone and iPod Touch it’s really cool and very useful but it’s not the the best, cos the iPhone comes with it’s own Clock and Alarm. I tested this app to see how long it will take to drain my battery and within 4 hours my battery was drained dead. I guess there is a flow for everything, so make sure your iPhone is connected to your charger while using this app at night. This app comes really handy when using the alarm to wake up early for work and if you’re lazy like me in the mornings then this app will come in handy to you too, just make sure it’s connected to your wall charger.

Clock Pro Includes all of this Features:

Clock Pro Features

The Digital Alarm Clock looks really kool and you have the ability to change backgrounds to a Pre-installed Wallpaper.

Alarm Clock

The Analog Clock has two options to choose from, Modern Clock or Classic Clock with roman numeros.

Modern Clock

Classic Clock

Overall Score: 3/5


  • Very handy Features
  • Clocks look Kool
  • Only .99 cents


  • Drains your battery within 4 hours
  • clocks are noisy just like the real ones
  • you can only change backgrounds to pre-installed wallpapers