CONGRATULATIONS ★★★ You just found a completely new, fun and easy way to experience the world of professional astrology. Exclusive for the iPad, presented as a feast for your eyes, ears and mind. What will your future bring? See for yourself with Astrologist Pro.

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Just enter your date, time and place of birth and Astrologist Pro will create your birth chart in a second. Then you are only a tap away from all of this:

★ Find your Lucky Days: When is the best time to find a new romance? Is today a good day to start a diet? What about salary negotiations? Gambling? Investments? This horoscope with 12 categories helps you to find out when the stars favor you the most.
And don’t confuse this with your regular newspaper horoscope! This one is calculated especially for you – and you only.

★ Synastry with interpretations: Do you have a secret crush, but you’re not sure about him or her? Check first to see if you two are a good match! This astrological love match compares two birth charts. See if your partner is a perfect fit, or whether you might have to overcome some challenges.


Your Compendium – your astrological identity – featuring a wealth of information about you, including:
– Your sign of the Zodiac with interpretations
– Your ascendant with interpretations
– Your numerology with interpretations
– Your esoteric information, like matching stones or homeopathic treatments
– Your Celtic horoscope with interpretations
– Your Native American horoscope with interpretations
– Your Chinese horoscope with interpretations
– Your Mayan horoscope with interpretations
– Your Aztec horoscope with interpretations

★ Why spend several hundred dollars for a single Radix interpretation or Synastry, when you can have this?


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Download for $4.99 (iPad only)

Astrologist Pro is by far one of the best application on the iPad. I hope they bring it to the iPhone and iPod cos this is an awesome application.

Right now the only downside is that it’s only available for iPad but with this application you can check your zodiac sign with complete interpretation. Why pay Miss Cleo, a self-proclaimed psychic when you can download this app for only $4.99. Astrologist Pro is your personal Zodiac reader on your iPad.

Overall Score:


Awesome UI

Very good and detail readings

Facebook Integration


Only for iPad