Twitter For iPhone, formerly Tweetie 2, has landed in the iTunes App Store! Easy to search, follow trends, See DMs, videos and photos make Twitter For iPhone very easy to use.
What’s New?
Twitter for iPhone has been refined in many areas from Tweetie 2. Search, for example now displays New Tweets, Nearby Tweets or searching for Users all from a single window. Viewing User information is easier as well, you no longer have to scroll to see if you are following a particular user. Also, It no longer matters whether you have a twitter account when you first launch Twitter for iPhone because you now are able to sign up for an account within the app!
Thankfully, Retweeting is no longer confusing, as it was in Tweetie 2, you now can clearly see who originated the Tweet, as well as who retweeted the tweet.
I do wish Tweeting Music, the ability to send tweets to other apps, such as Evernote, and OmniFocus would be included in an update. You can however use Instapaper and ReadItLater which is a plus.

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The Verdict?

Twitter for iPhone is a welcome improvement over Tweetie 2. While it does feel a tad clunkier, overall, I think it will be the dominant Twitter client of choice for most users. If you need multiple columns however, you will want to check out TweetDeck. Seesmic’s Twitter client has been submitted to the App Store, but has yet to be approved by Apple.