Coach’ying is the first application that allows you to find answers to important questions you are wondering about.
Based on the I Ching, a more than 3000 year old philosophical book from China, Coach’ying precisely and pertinently answers your questions whether they are professional or personal.
Developed by Didier Blau, a specialist in divinatory arts for ELLE magazine, Coach’ying combines an in-depth knowledge of original texts with an user-friendly medium.
Coach’ying provides you with a practical and reliable decision making tool. It can be consulted anytime anywhere to assess a situation, find the best way to act for making the right decision at the right moment.
Coach’ying has been released in both English and French.


Category Questions

Take a Moment!

I Ching, Ka-Ching!
Coach’ying offers advice based on user input. That includes choosing whether your question is personal or professional or other. Afterwards, you are taken through screens advising to calm yourself prior to asking the question. It’s kind of like the Magic 8 Ball with better advice.
Asking the question consists of shaking the iPhone six times, with 3 coins adding a figure to a note displayed above. This constitutes your question. Afterwards, when you press the button, which you do on almost every screen, the answer and advice are presented. This can also be on multiple screens.

Shake to toss coins!




Overall Score: 2.5/5

The advice, when pertinent, can be helpful. It took a few attempts, but I finally got advice I liked!
You can’t really ask a specific question as the dice/coin shake is the only method for inputting a question.