Mars Attacks
Could be Mars, could be the Visitors from V, either way, they’re here, and there fighting mad. It’s They Came From Another World, a side-shooter in the style of Space Invaders and Galaxa! You can play the game one of two ways, with the Accelerometer, or by tapping the arrows on either side of the screen. I prefer using the Accelerometer. You attack the enemies by touching the middle of the screen. Now you can press anywhere in the center part, you don’t have to press the exact center of the screen which makes it easier to play. I press the center part at the bottom of the screen and that works well so I can see the enemies at all times. Firing on the Saucer as it moves left to right upgrades your ship on a temporary basis. One sign of a great game is not being able to put it down. Well I’ve not beaten this game, yet, but I’m sure going to try! The music and sound effects are very fitting for a game of this type. If you love old school video games, you’re going to love this one!

Download Here!

Overall Score: This gets an intergalactic 4 out of 5

Fun, addictive gameplay

I would like to see an option to adjust the sensitivity of the Accelerometer.