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Snaptu App for BlackBerries is a Social networking application that let’s you check your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, RSS feeds, Emails and some of your favorite sites like Gizmodo, Youtube and others, without leaving the application. If you can’t find this app on your phone’s app store, just type on your phone’s browser and that’s all.

Blackberry Tour Screenshot

Blackberry Tour Screenshot


Snaptu also let’s you post tweets or change your status on Facebook and Myspace. This is how it looks when you’re checking your tweets or checking Facebook.

Twitter Screenshot

Facebook Screenshot



You can also add your favorite sites to the News RSS section and email them, tweet them or post them on facebook. Heres some of my favorites RSS feeds i’d added.

RSS Feeds Screenshot

iTito Themes Blog RSS Screenshot


Overall Score: 4.5/5


Very useful application

Works with any phone

Navigation it’s easy and simple


You can’t upload pics to facebook or twitter.

Note: All screenshots were taken using ” Capture it” on a Blackberry Tour.