Rules (Please Read)

Rules (Please Read)
Hello. Welcome to iTito Designs.

If you need any assistance, please contact an Administrator, or the creator of iTito Designs, Tito or TheSkepticalGuy.

We have very few simple rules here, and those rules are:

1. Absolutely No Ripping.
Do not rip a Theme from someone. They generally work long and hard on their Theme, Lockscreen or Wallpaper, so please do not rip. This will result in a permanent ban on the first offense so do not do it.
2. Criticism.
Do not criticize harshly. Here at iTito Designs, we use constructive criticism on our rating of other people’s graphics. If you use harsh, racial, gender, or creed based language toward another member, you will be banned on your 2nd offense. We do not tolerate that sort of behavior.
3. Cursing
We allow cursing and bad language, but only to a certain extent. We will not allow you to write one entire page of the word F*ck. That is not the way it works. You may use cursing very very sparingly and generally in the positive sense. For example. “That sh*t is awesome!” would be acceptable.
4. Spamming/Flaming/Fighting
We also do not tolerate disputes between two or more members. If you have a problem with another member, report it to one of our Admins or Mods. Also, you may not repeatedly post dead posts. A “dead” post is a post that does not contain any relevant information, which is considered as spamming. A post that just consists of the words “butternuts” or something utterly pointless, will be deleted and it will count against your reputation.

Keeping all of this in mind, have fun out on our blog and good luck Designing iPhone Themes!