Review: Allowance for iPhone

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Have kids? Do they get an allowance? Need to keep track of how much they spend? Then you need Allowance for iPhone!


Allowance for iPhone let’s parents set how much each kid gets, what they spent it on, and how much is left.

Allowance also allows parents to set reminders and it is here where the App could stand some improvement. It would be nice to be able to edit reminders if necessary. Also, bring able to delete reminders if you make a mistake would be nice.

All in all, a good app and if you need to track Allowances, There’s an App for that!


Download App for $4.99

Overall Score: This gets 3.5 out of 5!

Pros: You can track allowances, what is spent and the remaining balance.

Cons: Reminders should be editable and delectable where necessary.

Review: Mana Chronicles for iPhone

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Mana Chronicles is an Action Adventure RPG for the iPhone, it’s a game that has been very popular in China and has been translated for the U.S. There is a very definite Anime influence to the graphics which is a good thing. The soundtrack is good too!


The troops of Inferno are invading and it is up to you to stop them. The game progresses across 3 distinct areas in the game. They are: Villages, The Magic Forest and the Inferno itself.

You will have Super Abilities such as ice, fire or lightening attacks. Make sure to use them, they help! You will level up via loot, and fighting experience.

There are multiple game modes such as Mission Mode. You will need to complete this to unlock bonus game modes. Do not overlook items to collect during gameplay either.


Download it for $2.99

Overall Score: This gets 4 out of 5!


It’s a well crafted Action Adventure RPG.

It does help to play some levels over again to gain more experience and Level Up.


The blank screen that appear during level transitions could be shorter. Sometimes your character can go off the the right edge of the screen.

Review: 7 Balls for iPhone

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7 Balls for iPhone is a game that resembles pinball and pachinko.


The object is to maneuver a ball from the top to a slot that moves from left to right along the bottom edge.

Maneuvering the Ball can be tricky and requires some finesse. Being able to adjust the accelerometer’s sensitivity would be most helpful. Successfully get 7 Balls into the moving slot to Win.

Download iPhone version for $.99c

Download iPad version for $1.99

Overall Score: This gets 2.5 out of 5.


It has a retro feel and the music soundtrack is good!


Gameplay could be improved by controlling the accelerometer’s sensitivity.

Review: PinGoal for iPhone

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What do you get when you combine Pinball and Soccer? The result is PinGoal for iPhone.


Like Pinball, You use your flippers for offense and defense and Like Soccer, you try to score points by getting the ball/marble through your opponent’s Goal. There are many bumpers/pins that make that harder to do.

There is a multiplayer mode where both players play the game on the same iPhone at the same time. This can get a bit intense given the screen size. It works but it might work better on an iPad with it’s larger screen.

If you enjoy games with a retro feel, you might want to give PinGoal a try.



Download iPhone version for $.99c

Download iPad Version $1.99

Overall Score: 3 out of 5

Review: Handball and Soccer Soundboards for iPhone

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Review: Handball and Soccer Soundboards for iPhone


Handball Soundboard



FuBball Soundboard


Sunlight Games, developer of Funny Scoreboard, brings us 2 Sports Themed Soundboards.

Soundboards, for the uninitiated, are collections of sounds from, or related to, a specific sport or game.

Handball and Soccer Soundboards for iPhone are soundboards that include audience sounds, referee whistles and the like.

Both have similar sound sets so it’s really a matter of which one you prefer.

The samples sound good, especially the whistles. You get audience screams, drum banging, etc.


Handball Screenshot



FuBball Screenshot



Hanball FREE Download!


FuBball FREE Download!

Overall Scores:

Handball Soundboard gets 3 out of 5
Soccer Soundboard gets 3 out of 5

Pros: The sounds are well recorded, and can make you feel like you are part of the event.

Cons: The sounds are similar between the two, so pick one and enjoy!

Review: ModMyi for iPhone

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The official app. Apple, iPad, & iPhone News, Forums, Guides, and Reviews. Supports iOS4 and the iPhone 4 retina display resolution. Connect with the largest iPhone and iDevice community on the internet, with over 1 million posts and over 600,000 members!


Features include:

– Read the latest Apple, iPad & iPhone news.
– Browse (by category or alphabetically), post, and reply in the forums.
– View the latest threads, or drill down on a per-forum basis.
– Read the complete forums/news as a guest, or register directly from the app.
– Search the forums.
– View your sent and received private messages, and send new ones to any member.
– Submit news tips and attach images.
– View your subscribed threads, profile, and other info.

This FREE version of the app is iAds supported, upgrade through in-app purchase (go to More > Upgrade) to a completely ad-free version!


ModMyI is one of my favourite reposotory on Cydia, and now they came out with  a news reader/forum app for geeks like you and me. Topics range from Linux to the iPhone and just about anything between.

Free Download

Overall Score: 3/5

Review: iClacker for iPhone

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iClacker is a faithful representation of the childhood toy.

Like it’s namesake, you move your iPhone up and down to make the balls hit each other.



Your current and high scores are displayed and you have the option to post your high score to Twitter.


FREE Download!

Overall Score: This gets 2.5 out of 5

Pros: A faithful recreation of the classic toy.

Cons: Your wrist may get tire after a while. Scores are not saved. Perhaps in a future version.

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