Review: MXHome T Launcher For Android


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MX Home is an application that uses the standby screen as new concept on android devices.
It provides totally different feeling by highlights from the tree background and touch animation.

1.It’s optimized for Android 2.1 or later version environment.
2.It supports WVGA & FWVGA.(HVGA not supported)

Open Drawers Screenshot

Closed Drawers Screenshot

This is one of the reasons why i love my android phone, the ability to customize your homescreen in any way you like it. There are many launchers like MXHome, and they all have their own unique customizations but this one is one of my favorites.

Other Launchers: OpenHome, Panda Home, Launcher 7, Go Launcher EX, HeLauncher, SPB 3D and Regina 3D Launcher. (all launchers are available on the Android Market.)

Overall Score: 4/5


Awesome Launcher

Kool 3D Icon Animations


Can’t Customize Icons

Limited Home Customizations

Free Android App of The Day

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Regina 3D Launcher

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A launcher that uses pure 3D graphics has arrived.
Regina 3D Launcher has exciting and dynamic 3D effects for your pleasure.
Browsing workspaces, creating shortcuts, and removing widgets have gotten a little bit more fun.
And that’s not all, we have more great features that you might be interested.
Now experience the excitement and fun you can have with all the cool features in Regina.

Video demo of Regina Launcher can be found on YouTube.

If you have any question about Regina 3D Launcher, you can also visit their Facebook page.

3D View Screnshot

* Highlighted Features
– Intuitive 3D workspace browser

– Separate wallpaper for each workspace

– Secret workspaces where you can hide some of your app shortcuts and widgets for your privacy

– Regina widgets (full 3D widgets)

– All widgets and shortcuts can be positioned freely without much restrction in workspaces

– Uninstall apps from workspace directly

– Pleasant visual effects


* Notes
– First of all, select “Version x.x.x” item in Regina Settings menu and update all app in list.

– Supports Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and tested on Galaxy Tab too.

– Live Wallpaper is not supported because of performance issue.

– Because Regina 3D Launcher is pure 3D graphics, your device must have a decent graphics chip to gain usable performance.

Review: Launcher 7 for Android

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A Windows Phone 7 style launcher for Android.

Launcher 7 Screenshot

Unlike other current WP7 launchers (Windows Phone Android, Metro UI), this one allows you to properly modify your start screen. Just long press on a tile and drag tile where you want!

Ad-free version of Launcher 7.

If you want to try, go download the free version first and see how it fares. If you can’t stand the ads, Paid version is for you :)

Same warnings apply here. It may crash, it may surprise you pleasantly. You have been warned.

Launcher 7 Settings

Also supported:

Paid Version:

– 1×1, 2×1 and 1×2 tiles.
– tile bitmaps can cover the whole tile
– widgets on tiles
– tile reordering
– live contacts tile

Free Version:

– 2 x 1 tiles
– Original Windows Phone 7 backgrounds!
– Freely configurable tile colors
– Launcher options are available from Application List (press menu in app list)
– Layout animations
– Animated contacts tile! (still work in progress)

Launcher 7 Homescreen Settings


Paid Version:

– wp7 style notification bar (soon, very soon)
– configurable animation parameters (soon)
– app filtering to app list
– folders
– clock tile of sorts
– more animated tiles
– facebook integration

Free Version:

– configurable animation parameters (soon)
– app filtering to app list
– folders
– clock tile of sorts
– more animated tiles
– facebook integration

Consider this as alpha quality at best. If it crashes, please email developer to report the crash and they’ll figure out a fix.

Recommended HDPI device, tested on Galaxy i9000.

MDPI devices should be now able to show things in correct scale, but performance and memory usage may very well be a problem in these devices.


Click to Download Free Version

Click to Download Paid Version


Tested on HTC HD2 running CM7 Gingerbread 2.3.3, HTC EVO 4G and MyTouch 4G Running Froyo 2.2.1.

Overall Score: 4/5


Best Windows 7 Launcher for Android

Customizable Tiles and icons


Paid Version needs more Improvements

4×2 widgets look awful

4×2 tiles needed

Review: DreamBoard for iPhone



Winterboard eat your heart out, DreamBoard for iPhone is here. Take control over SpringBoard(Available for Jailbroken iPhones running 4.1 and up) 

Download from Cydia for $2.99

HTC Sense Theme

DreamBoard Screenshot

Dreamboard lets you place anything from widgets to apps where ever you want. Theming is no longer limited to just icons, or having to resort to complicated setup themes involving Iconoclasm, SpringJumps, etc. Dreamboard makes it easy to switch between any theme in just a few seconds. Simply launch, choose and apply! And, Dreamboard eliminates the long wait of having to restart Springboard everytime you make a change. No more resprings! Dreamboard includes a complementary copy of Endroid (HTC theme). Note: Not compatible with iPad. Not recommended for iPhone 3G, iPod 2G, or iPod 3G 8GB. Tested on 4.1 and 4.2.1

App Drawer

FaceBook Widget

Overall Score: 4/5


Awesome HTC like theme.

Easy to witch between themes

No respring required when selecting themes

Awesome Widgets


Crashes Constantly (version 1.0.1 tested on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4)

Review: HeLauncher for Android

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Simplicity has a love/hate relationship.

My Homescreen


HeLauncher is a home replacement for the mobile operating system known as Android. The home application is the center piece to the users entire Android experience. Device manufacturers like to modify the home application to give the user a different feel for their device, to make their specific device stand out against the crowd.


Sense Style Theme

What makes my home replacement different is I have gone and ripped apart multiple proprietary home applications from the manufactures and blended them together into one home application that can replicate them all with one button.


Theme Chooser Screenshot

The like the idea of simply complex so I ditched the massive options and settings menus that my competitors love so much and kept things lean and mean. I have also added features that my competitors would only make available to the paid versions of their applications.

HeLauncher is both free and open-sourced, you can find the source repository on github and if you have any input please feel free to provide it. Now on to the features list…

– Based off of Launcher+
– 5 screens
– Drop to Uninstall
– Scrollable Widgets
– Re-sizable Widgets
– Screen indicators
– Ten custom dockbar styles


Motorola Blur Theme


– 3D Application Drawer



Scan Barcode to Download form the Market. Price: FREE!


Overall Score: 4/5


Beautiful Docks

Easy to switch between Dock themes


No five icon dock theme

No Homescreen animations

Can’t customize icons or edit icons

Review: Go Launcher EX for Android

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GO Launcher EX is the extra version of GO Launcher , one of the most popular launcher app in android market , provides elegant themes ,fast performance and convenient experience .
-Fancy home screen transition (MENU-preferences-display settings-screen transition)
-Themes supported (search “go launcher ex theme” to download)
-Smooth scrolling experience (set the flip speed in display settings)
-Icon popup menu (long press icon on the screen)
-Gesture supported (both screen and dock icon)
-Folders and task manager in app drawer (hold icon to enter edit mode)
-Supported scrollable & resizable widgets (free)

My Custom Homescreen

Tips :
-Set the flip speed in display settings .
-Use a up-glide gesture to enter the screen preview ,click “plus” icon to add more screens .
-Drag icon overlay to create folder in app drawer .

Extras for GO Launcher EX: Classic theme, Sketch theme, Valentine theme, Wood theme, GO SMS (All FREE to Download)

Sketch Theme

Classic Theme

Recent changes:
1. Supported home screen transition (Preferences-Display settings-Screen transition)
2. Supported preview screen transition
3. Updated themes and you can move them to SD now
4. New wallpaper gallery (need to update the themes and use “MENU-wallpaper-GO wallpaper”)
5. Fixed lag issue that switching between portrait mode and landscape mode
6. Fixed flating widget issue
7. Improved the memory usage

Latest version: 2.13 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

Download by Scanning barcode. Price: FREE!

Overall Score: 5/5


Awesome Free launcher

Free Themes

Free Homescreen animations

Cons: None


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