XDA + Honeycomb Bee Bootanimation for Android


The XDA Honeycomb Bee Bootanimation was featured on XDA Portal, Click Here to view article.

XDA + Honeycomb Bee Bootanimation

XDA + Honeycomb Bee Boot Animation (Darkblue)

XDA + Honeycomb Bee Boot Animation (Red)

Note: These are low resolution images and for demonstration purposes only.

Hello guys this is my fourth Bootanimation,  XDA fans and iTito Themes vicitors hope you guys like it.


MegaUpload: Download – 480×800 [Honey Color]

MegaUpload: Download – 480×800 [Darkblue Color]

MultiUpload: Download – 480×800 [Red Color]

MediaFire: Download – 480×854 [Flashable Darkblue Color]

MultiUpload: Download – 480×800 [Green Color]


1. Copy bootanimation.zip to the root of your SD Card

2. Move it to /data/local/ or /system/media/ and replace existing one using root explorer.

NOTE: Desire/Sense base phones push bootanimation.zip to /system/customize/resource/

Reboot and Enjoy!

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Thunderbolt Boot Animation for Android

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Bootanimation Screenshot

Thunderbolt Boot Animation

Note: This are low resolution images and for demonstration purposes only


MegaUpload: Download 480×800


Download bootanimation.zip

Put it on your SDcard

Open Terminal Emulator and enter these commands:


cp /sdcard/bootanimation.zip /system/media/


or push it with root explorer to /data/local/ or to /system/media/


Note: I didn’t created this, all credits goes to Verizon and HTC. (Boot Animation works on most devices)

Review: Launcher 7 for Android

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A Windows Phone 7 style launcher for Android.

Launcher 7 Screenshot

Unlike other current WP7 launchers (Windows Phone Android, Metro UI), this one allows you to properly modify your start screen. Just long press on a tile and drag tile where you want!

Ad-free version of Launcher 7.

If you want to try, go download the free version first and see how it fares. If you can’t stand the ads, Paid version is for you :)

Same warnings apply here. It may crash, it may surprise you pleasantly. You have been warned.

Launcher 7 Settings

Also supported:

Paid Version:

– 1×1, 2×1 and 1×2 tiles.
– tile bitmaps can cover the whole tile
– widgets on tiles
– tile reordering
– live contacts tile

Free Version:

– 2 x 1 tiles
– Original Windows Phone 7 backgrounds!
– Freely configurable tile colors
– Launcher options are available from Application List (press menu in app list)
– Layout animations
– Animated contacts tile! (still work in progress)

Launcher 7 Homescreen Settings


Paid Version:

– wp7 style notification bar (soon, very soon)
– configurable animation parameters (soon)
– app filtering to app list
– folders
– clock tile of sorts
– more animated tiles
– facebook integration

Free Version:

– configurable animation parameters (soon)
– app filtering to app list
– folders
– clock tile of sorts
– more animated tiles
– facebook integration

Consider this as alpha quality at best. If it crashes, please email developer to report the crash and they’ll figure out a fix.

Recommended HDPI device, tested on Galaxy i9000.

MDPI devices should be now able to show things in correct scale, but performance and memory usage may very well be a problem in these devices.


Click to Download Free Version

Click to Download Paid Version


Tested on HTC HD2 running CM7 Gingerbread 2.3.3, HTC EVO 4G and MyTouch 4G Running Froyo 2.2.1.

Overall Score: 4/5


Best Windows 7 Launcher for Android

Customizable Tiles and icons


Paid Version needs more Improvements

4×2 widgets look awful

4×2 tiles needed


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