Moon Battery Theme 1.0 for iPhone

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The Moon battery themes for iPhone are compatible with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 is not compatible with this theme. If you need help installing them, read the (How To) at the bottom of this post.

Click The Moon to Download!

Battery Theme

Battery Theme Purple

Battery Theme Orange

How to install them on your iPhone via OpenSSH, Follow this easy steps:

Easy steps:

Click Icon to download Winscp to your PC and install it.

Download OpenSSH to your iPhone or iPod Touch via Cydia

NOTE: Make sure your iPhone and PC are connected to the sameWireless Router.

Open Winscp on your pc and enter the following on your screen.

  1. Host Name: Enter your iPhone’s IP address
  2. User name: root
  3. Password: alpine
  4. press login

You can find your iPhone or iPod Touch’s IP address under Settings>Wi-Fi>Choose a Network>IP address.If your password is different from the one above, please enter it in the same spot.

if you need more help about OpenSSH Click Here!

Just Another iPhone Theme 2.0


Click Here To Download Theme


Link To Just Another iPhone  Blog’s Post: Click Here! or Click Here!

NEW Screenshot

NEW Screenshot 2

Battety Theme


Icy Theme

SMS Theme

This is a very kool iphone theme that includes more then 170+ icons, Custom Lockscreen, iPad Wallpaper, SMS Theme, Icy Theme, Battery Theme, Dock and Status Bar. created by iTito Designs for if you have any question are need more custom icons please feel free to contact me via Twitter or Email.

NOTE: Reflective Dock, Apple signal bars, 5 icon Dock, Umbrella Logo, T-mobile logo and Wi-Fi logos are not included and i am not the author.


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