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Opera Mini browser is 10X faster then safari on 3G or Wi-Fi and it has many features that safari is missing.

I tested Opera Mini Browser just to see how long it will take to open up my blog in full HTML and it took 9 seconds while safari took around 60 seconds. Opera Mini is my favorite browser thanks to apple’s lack of ideas for their safari browser. Will Firefox come to the iPhone? i don’t know is hard to tell cos we haven’t heard anything about Mozilla making a Mobile Browser.

Opera Mini Bookmarks

lovin’ the way Opera Mini Browser gives you some default bookmarks and beats Safari Browser in everyway.

Opera Mini Browser also shows you some default bookmarks when searching.

Google Search

Download Opera Mini browser and try it for yourself’s, you won’t be disapointed cos it has been downloaded more then a 1 million times.

and here’s a comparison on how my Mobile Blog looks on both Safari and Opera Mini browser.

On Opera Mini Browser

On Safari Browser

Overall Score: 4/5


  • It’s Free
  • It’s Fast
  • and it’s more powerful then Safari.


  • Images are compressed
  • Text in full HTML is not being render properly
  • Pinch to Zoom is horrible