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We would like to apologize for the delay in this month’s Review lineup. A lot has been happening since January and we haven’t been able to review some apps.

Between work, school and our families it’s been hard for us to review or make new themes for you guys, please notice that we do not charge for reviews or themes on our site, we do all of this for FREE and for you guys.

Secondly, the white iPhone 4 came out today and is ruling the charts again, for reasons you’ll already know.

Developers please be patient, if we take time reviewing your app, it’s because we have many requests and we are trying to review as many as we can. Thank you for all your support and have a great day.

If you want to resubmit your app for review or if you have any questions please feel free to email me:

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Free Android App of The Day

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Product Features

  • Predicts your next word using TouchType’s Fluency Prediction Engine
  • Learns your vocabulary and how you use it for incredibly accurate word prediction
  • Auto corrects sloppy texting so misspellings are a thing of the past
  • Supports 9 languages, multi-touch, and voice-to-text dictation
  • Simultaneously predicts in two languages


SwiftKey Keyboard makes typing on your Android device smart, fast, and personal.

Using artificial intelligence breakthroughs, the SwiftKey keyboard accurately predicts your most likely next word based on what you’ve already written. It can also scan your sent messages, and learn as you use it to make predictions even more accurately over time. The more you get to know your SwiftKey keyboard, the more it will get to know you.

Features That Enhance Your Productivity
Intelligent Next-Word Prediction

SwiftKey Keyboard distinguishes itself from the other Android keyboards because of its incredibly accurate next-word prediction. SwiftKey has proven in tests that about one-third of next words are predicted accurately without even typing a single letter. It seems crazy to say that it reads your mind, but does it?

TouchType’s Fluency Prediction Engine

So, SwiftKey doesn’t actually read your mind, but how does it do that? SwiftKey so accurately predicts your next word using TouchType’s Fluency Prediction Engine. It analyzes billions of background texts, user-specific vocabulary, and even how you use language when you send a text message. SwiftKey supports 9 languages, and you may download as many as you would like.

Advanced Error Correction and Auto Formats

It’s easy to add and remove words from your dynamic language module. SwiftKey remembers words you use frequently, and you can simply press and hold words you want removed. As SwiftKey gets to know you, it will even correct your mistakes as accurately as it predicts your next word. Misspelling will become a thing of the past. SwiftKey will even add those fancy accents in addition to your everyday apostrophe and hyphen.

You have better things to do than fight with your keyboard over what you want to say. SwiftKey will enhance your productivity and eliminate your texting frustration. Start letting your keyboard work for you.

Note: Games are available Free on the Amazon AppStore for one day only. (USA Customers Only)


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