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Clever social news feed reader. Get the latest on your interests in one place.

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Taptu is a clever social news feed reader. You can discover Topics and sources from our StreamStore or add any RSS feed from the web.



* Support for Android Tablets (Honeycomb)

* Discover streams on your favorite topics from a mix of sources in the StreamStore

* Add as many Facebook or Twitter accounts as you want, add your LinkedIn account as well.

* Bookmark articles to read later or save to Instapaper

* Widget for your home screen (support for multiple widgets)

* Search Bing for RSS feeds

* Import your favorite RSS feeds from Google Reader (up to 100) and convert them to Streams

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* Fast, even on slow 2G (GPRS) networks
Current featured streams include:
* Music, Lifestyle and Fashion
* Sports, Gaming and Travel
* News and Politics


Viewing and interacting with streams:

* Share with friends: Share stories with your friends on Twitter and Facebook

* See full articles that friends share via Twitter and Facebook: Taptu will convert links your friends share into a full article view

* Update your status, Like and Comment from your Facebook stream: See something a friend has sent that you want to Like or Comment on? Do it right inside the app.

* Tweet, RT, Quote a Tweet from your Twitter stream: Someone you follow on Twitter has tweeted an interesting tweet, Quote it and add your comments or RT directly from Taptu.

Free Android App of The Day

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Click to Download: FREE

Meet Pulse. A beautiful application that makes browsing news from websites and social networks fun and engaging. Pulse takes your favorite websites (including Facebook) and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic. Tap on an article, and you will see a clean and elegant view of the story. Sharing a story via Facebook, Twitter or email is as easy as two taps. Pulse has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Techcrunch and more. Experience Pulse today – you will never look at news the same way again.

Top News Screenshot


★ Browse & Read: With the Pulse dashboard layout, you can continue to browse news stories on Pulse as you read an article.

★ Personalize Your News: You can select a “pack” to auto-populate an entire page with the top sources for your favorite news category such as politics, finance, sports and more. Pulse adds new content to the Featured section every Friday. You can also search for your favorite news sources by simple keywords.

★ Organize Your News: Tailor your mobile news reading experience by selecting up to 60 news sources across five customizable pages. This new design is optimized for organizing and viewing sources on both phones and tablets. Moving sources between pages is as easy as drag and drop!

★ Make it Social: Like, share and comment on items in your Facebook newsfeed from within Pulse. Easily browse social content from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Reddit and Hacker News (Y Combinator’s social news feed).

★ Spread the Word: Found an interesting news article? Sharing a news story on Pulse to Facebook, Twitter and email is as easy as 2 taps.

★ No internet? No problem. Pulse loads your news stories when you’re online, so you can read them later even when you’re offline.

★ Import Your News: Pulse News allows you to directly import all your RSS feeds from Google Reader. Your read status is also synced between Pulse and Google Reader, whether online or offline.

★ Stay Up To Date: Want to read the latest news as soon as it’s published? Tap to refresh news sources instantly without ever leaving the application.

Please send us your thoughts via feedback@alphonsolabs.com

By downloading the Pulse News app, you accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy agreements (

Social News Feed

Be notified of all Breaking News from your favorite news sources including New York Times, BBC, USA Today, Fox News and others. You get to choose your own news sources to read headlines, news articles and stream video clips.

Read the latest Technology News from all your favorite tech sources including TechCrunch, Mashable, CNET, Reddit, Engadget, Gizmodo and others. Customize your own news sources for all the technology headlines, delivered real-time.

Stay updated with all the Business News from leading news publishers like Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and others. You can pick from international newspaper as well as national newspaper and local newspaper.

Follow your favorite sport – Football NFL, Basketball NBA, Baseball MLB, Hockey NHL and others by adding news sources like ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated and others. Get your game on!

Get all the gossips from top celeberity news websites like TMZ, E! Online, People, Variety and many more. Get the headlines, view latest photos and watch the latest videos for all the celebrity news.

You can add any RSS feed to Pulse. You can select from RSS feeds featured every Friday, or choose from RSS feeds organized by different genres. You can also search for RSS feeds by keywords or import your RSS feeds from Google Reader. Lastly, you can Bump your devices to exchange RSS feeds with your friends. Pulse is one of the best RSS reader in the


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