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The best space rabbit sim you’ll play this year!

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Rocket Bunnies is an action-puzzle game of slingshotting from planet to planet. Time your exits in order to boost past enemy spiders, mines, electric portals and more! The best space rabbit sim you’ll play this year!


Galaxy Screenshot

Check out the comments on the market, they didn’t even have to bribe them!!!

Special note for Honeycomb devices : Honeycomb 3.0.1 fixes the crashes, please update.

Special note for Samsung devices : Requires Android 2.2 for Samsung devices to run. Visit Google to find out how to update – it’s worth it!


Level Completed Screenshot

For more info visit the FAQ available at :

Review: Netflix App for Android


Get Netflix on your Android phone. Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix.

Click to Download: FREE

• It’s part of your Netflix unlimited membership. Not a Netflix member? Start your FREE trial today.
• Watch as often as you want.
• Resume watching where you left off on your TV or computer.
• Browse movies and manage your instant Queue right from your phone.

Netflix Screenshot

Genre Screenshot

Currently Netflix playback is supported on the following phones:

Netflix Loading Screenshot

Netflix for Android phones is finally here and it’s free so say goodbye to Crackle and Hulu. if you’re new to Netflix, you can get a free trial when you subscribe for the first time.

Note: Netflix is also available for iPhone and iPad.

Overall Score: 4.5


Searching for a movie it’s fast and easy

Easy to navigate and play your queue movies or TV Shows

Movies look awesome


Many phones or tablets are not compatible with this app

All movies or TV shows are not yet available for streaming

Thunderbolt Boot Animation for Android

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Bootanimation Screenshot

Thunderbolt Boot Animation

Note: This are low resolution images and for demonstration purposes only


MegaUpload: Download 480×800



Put it on your SDcard

Open Terminal Emulator and enter these commands:


cp /sdcard/ /system/media/


or push it with root explorer to /data/local/ or to /system/media/


Note: I didn’t created this, all credits goes to Verizon and HTC. (Boot Animation works on most devices)

Review: DreamBoard for iPhone



Winterboard eat your heart out, DreamBoard for iPhone is here. Take control over SpringBoard(Available for Jailbroken iPhones running 4.1 and up) 

Download from Cydia for $2.99

HTC Sense Theme

DreamBoard Screenshot

Dreamboard lets you place anything from widgets to apps where ever you want. Theming is no longer limited to just icons, or having to resort to complicated setup themes involving Iconoclasm, SpringJumps, etc. Dreamboard makes it easy to switch between any theme in just a few seconds. Simply launch, choose and apply! And, Dreamboard eliminates the long wait of having to restart Springboard everytime you make a change. No more resprings! Dreamboard includes a complementary copy of Endroid (HTC theme). Note: Not compatible with iPad. Not recommended for iPhone 3G, iPod 2G, or iPod 3G 8GB. Tested on 4.1 and 4.2.1

App Drawer

FaceBook Widget

Overall Score: 4/5


Awesome HTC like theme.

Easy to witch between themes

No respring required when selecting themes

Awesome Widgets


Crashes Constantly (version 1.0.1 tested on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4)


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