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The best space rabbit sim you’ll play this year!

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Rocket Bunnies is an action-puzzle game of slingshotting from planet to planet. Time your exits in order to boost past enemy spiders, mines, electric portals and more! The best space rabbit sim you’ll play this year!


Galaxy Screenshot

Check out the comments on the market, they didn’t even have to bribe them!!!

Special note for Honeycomb devices : Honeycomb 3.0.1 fixes the crashes, please update.

Special note for Samsung devices : Requires Android 2.2 for Samsung devices to run. Visit Google to find out how to update – it’s worth it!


Level Completed Screenshot

For more info visit the FAQ available at :

Review: Farm Tap for Android and iPhone

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Farm puzzler for your Android or iPhone OS device. Tap on animals in groups of three or more to select. A selected group can be tapped again to release the animals. The larger the number of animals the more points you score. When an entire column has been released more animals will fill from the sides.

Farm Tap is OpenFeint Enabled. (Android phones only)

Android Screenshot

Reach the target score to progress to the next level.

– Realistic animal sounds.
– Fun soundtrack.
– Global highscore rankings.
– OpenGL special effects.

iPhone Screenshot

Scan barcode to download Farm Tap to your Android device

Free iPhone Version

Overall Score: 3/5


Addictive gameplay

Open Feint enabled (Android only)


Scores cannot be save offline

Music can get annoying and repetitive


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