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Steering, speeding up, braking, cutting, blocking: who is the smartest driver in this strategic racing game, leaving his opponents behind and passing the finishing line first?

Dash Race is the electronic version of a popular paper game that can be played everywhere at anytime, because all you need is a sheet of squared paper and color pencils – or Dash Race for even more fun and challenges.

Up to four players make their moves in turns, following very simple rules. This results in an amazingly realistic driving behavior. In order to take curves at optimum speed, it really requires experience and dexterity.


• Up to four players on one or multiple devices 
Bluetooth & WiFi connection available to play with multiple devices
• Additional Robot-opponents with adjustable driving skills 
• Easy and intuitive game handling
• Differently challenging tracks
• Additional tracks can be downloaded from a growing selection of attractive track packages
Upload photos of your completed races to your Facebook wall 
• Change your iPhone to portrait or landscape orientation at any time to have it fit best to the current situation


Remember the time when there were no cellphones? and the only way to have fun was to use a piece of paper and a pencil. Those were the best days for me as a kid and this game will bring back lots of childhood memories to you too. you can also play against your kids or your friends via Wi-Fi. or Bluetooth. 

Overall Score: 3.5/5


Addictive Local Multiplayer

Downloadable Tracks


You can’t customize your own track