Review: Handball and Soccer Soundboards for iPhone

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Review: Handball and Soccer Soundboards for iPhone


Handball Soundboard



FuBball Soundboard


Sunlight Games, developer of Funny Scoreboard, brings us 2 Sports Themed Soundboards.

Soundboards, for the uninitiated, are collections of sounds from, or related to, a specific sport or game.

Handball and Soccer Soundboards for iPhone are soundboards that include audience sounds, referee whistles and the like.

Both have similar sound sets so it’s really a matter of which one you prefer.

The samples sound good, especially the whistles. You get audience screams, drum banging, etc.


Handball Screenshot



FuBball Screenshot



Hanball FREE Download!


FuBball FREE Download!

Overall Scores:

Handball Soundboard gets 3 out of 5
Soccer Soundboard gets 3 out of 5

Pros: The sounds are well recorded, and can make you feel like you are part of the event.

Cons: The sounds are similar between the two, so pick one and enjoy!

Review: Game-Tycoon Soundboard for iPhone

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Review: Game-Tycoon Soundboard for iPhone


Play all music files of the strategy pc-game “Game Tycoon”, which was released a few years ago. 12 files are available. Main Menu with each scene of the music is included.
Game-Tycoon Soundboard for iPhone is another app in the soundboard genre, where music files are represented as buttons (in this case) for you to enjoy. There are 12 sound files available, most being music files, and one that is sound FX related. (File 12)

SoundBoard Screenshot

All works as advertised. One thing I’d like to see in general in soundboard apps, is an option to save your own sequences of sound files. This might not be possible due to Copyright Law, but would add value to the game if it were possible.


Overall Score: This gets 3 out of 5!

Pros: Soundtrack is accessible via buttons.
Cons: You can’t save sequences of music files for later playback.


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