Review: GeoWalk for iPhone

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Review: Geo Walk for iPhone


GeoWalk, by the makers of Star Walk and Solar Walk, is an interactive factbook about the planet Earth. It is a concise encyclopedia with a well thought out interface.
Geo Walk is a concise, easy-to-use and information packed encyclopedia for iPhone/iPod Touch that contains only the most interesting and valuable information about our multifaceted world. It suits both adults and children curious about far away places, great people, and the most amazing living creatures. Geo Walk can become a convenient companion for inveterate travelers who are always on the go.
Geo Walk features:
300 Up-To-Date descriptions
Smooth & Stylish Interface
Category Filter
2 Searching Modes
2 Viewing Modes
No Internet Connection is required.
Geo Walk is pretty straightforward to use, its’ really point and tap. It does have a cover flow like option as well as the standard interface. This is nice when you are trying to find a specific entry. My only issue with the App is that the article for each item is fairly short. I’d also like to see more than 300 entries over the long haul, but this is a really nice start!




Download Here!

Overall Score: 4/5

Easy to Use, Thumbnails of every photo is a nice touch.
I would like to see more entries and more in-depth articles.

Review: Star Walk for iPhone




Star Walk App


Star walk is one of the most amazing apps on the iPhone and iPad, it really brings the entire universe to the palm of your hand.  Search for a star or planet and Star walk will find it’s location. You can also surf around the entire galaxy and find every single star or planet. Star Walk app  it’s really useful and entertaining for your kids.




This is the Star Walk Sky Live screen, it’s very easy to understand.



Star Walk Sky Live


You can also search the galaxy for your horoscope or any other star and get a complete description.



My Horoscope's Description


Have you been lost in space, sea or forest?  no worries star walk can also find your location anywhere in the world.



Star Walk Location Finder


Overall Score:


  • Awesome UI
  • Navigation it’s very easy
  • Searching for your horoscope stars couldn’t be any easier


  • A twitter or facebook sharing can make this app perfect.

For More info follow Star Walk on twitter: Click Here!


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