Review: Dash Race for iPhone

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Steering, speeding up, braking, cutting, blocking: who is the smartest driver in this strategic racing game, leaving his opponents behind and passing the finishing line first?

Dash Race is the electronic version of a popular paper game that can be played everywhere at anytime, because all you need is a sheet of squared paper and color pencils – or Dash Race for even more fun and challenges.

Up to four players make their moves in turns, following very simple rules. This results in an amazingly realistic driving behavior. In order to take curves at optimum speed, it really requires experience and dexterity.


• Up to four players on one or multiple devices 
Bluetooth & WiFi connection available to play with multiple devices
• Additional Robot-opponents with adjustable driving skills 
• Easy and intuitive game handling
• Differently challenging tracks
• Additional tracks can be downloaded from a growing selection of attractive track packages
Upload photos of your completed races to your Facebook wall 
• Change your iPhone to portrait or landscape orientation at any time to have it fit best to the current situation


Remember the time when there were no cellphones? and the only way to have fun was to use a piece of paper and a pencil. Those were the best days for me as a kid and this game will bring back lots of childhood memories to you too. you can also play against your kids or your friends via Wi-Fi. or Bluetooth. 

Overall Score: 3.5/5


Addictive Local Multiplayer

Downloadable Tracks


You can’t customize your own track

Review: Heyzap for Android


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Heyzap allows you to check in and discover new mobile games with your friends.

Use Heyzap to find and discover new games for your phone. Check-in to your favorite games, see what your friends are playing, share gaming tips and unlock badges the more you play.

Join the largest Android gaming community now!

* Discover fun new games to play
* See what your friends are playing
* Share tips on games
* Unlock gaming badges and more

My Profile Screenshot

My Badges Screenshot

This is probably the best app for social gaming, it’s like having Xbox LiveOpenFeint and GetGlue in a single app. Earn badges, download games, chat, comment and give out tips about any game. you can also sent Invites to your Facebook, Twitter or Phone Contacts via Heyzap. 

Overall Score: 5/5


Easy To Use and Navigate

Best Social Gaming App

The Ability to Discover New Games and Friends



Review: iClacker for iPhone

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iClacker is a faithful representation of the childhood toy.

Like it’s namesake, you move your iPhone up and down to make the balls hit each other.



Your current and high scores are displayed and you have the option to post your high score to Twitter.


FREE Download!

Overall Score: This gets 2.5 out of 5

Pros: A faithful recreation of the classic toy.

Cons: Your wrist may get tire after a while. Scores are not saved. Perhaps in a future version.

Review: Game-Tycoon Soundboard for iPhone

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Review: Game-Tycoon Soundboard for iPhone


Play all music files of the strategy pc-game “Game Tycoon”, which was released a few years ago. 12 files are available. Main Menu with each scene of the music is included.
Game-Tycoon Soundboard for iPhone is another app in the soundboard genre, where music files are represented as buttons (in this case) for you to enjoy. There are 12 sound files available, most being music files, and one that is sound FX related. (File 12)

SoundBoard Screenshot

All works as advertised. One thing I’d like to see in general in soundboard apps, is an option to save your own sequences of sound files. This might not be possible due to Copyright Law, but would add value to the game if it were possible.


Overall Score: This gets 3 out of 5!

Pros: Soundtrack is accessible via buttons.
Cons: You can’t save sequences of music files for later playback.

Review: Funny Scoreboard for iPhone

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Review: Funny Scoreboard for iPhone


Funny Scoreboard, by Sunlight Games is a useful scoreboard app aimed at athletes, fans, and parents. The app features a fully functional scoreboard, 3 themes, and a timer. The scoreboard may be used with any sport that has 2 teams or opponents, and a scoring range of 0 – 99.



To change the score, simply move your finger across that teams score. You can change the team’s names in the settings as well as setting options for the timer and appearance of the scoreboard.
It supports 3 scoreboard styles, and you can change the name of your teams to anything you’d like. I went with a StarWars theme for one of mine. You can change the timer’s default time of 5 min as well.

Settings Screenshot

Overall Score: This gets 3 out of 5!

All in all, it does what it says it will do!

Pros: Functional Scoreboard
Cons: Doesn’t support scores over 100.

Review: Nesen Probe for iPhone


Review: Nesen Probe for iPhone.


Every once in awhile a game comes along that is hard to categorize. Nesen Probe for iPhone is such a game. It’s definitely different and that’s a good thing! You maneuver the Nesen Probe, which is a nose and inhale orbs to score points.


The object is to collect the color orbs to gain points, while avoiding the grey orbs which cost you health and points. The hard part is the timing, the nose exhales as well as inhales. Control the Nesen Probe with the up, down, left and right buttons, but be warned, the grey orbs get more intense as you reach higher scores.


Download Here!

Pros: The game has different backdrops to choose from.
Cons: When you run out of health, you are told that you blew it. Now maybe there is a point level where that does not happen, but I’ve not found it. The controls can be a bit awkward to operate.
This gets 3.5 out of 5. If I could play the Cheech and Chong track “Up My Nose” in the background as I played, it would go up to a 4.

Review: FoodBreaker for iPhone

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Review: FoodBreaker for iPhone

Food Breaker

What do you get when you combine the classic video game Breakout and Fast Food? You get FoodBreaker!

With its 100 levels, multiple power-ups and skins, you get a lot of fun, challenge, and did I mention retro fun?


There are a variety of Power Ups, from varying sizes of projectiles, paddle sizes, number of projectiles in play, to speed boosts. Getting Combos by hitting more than one item with a projectile also increase your score.

There are bumpers and other obstacles that will appear as you progress through the 100 levels available. All in all, a pretty addictive game!


100 Exciting Levels
10 Types of Items
6 Cool Skins
Easy but Exciting and Highly Addictive

Download Here!

Overall Score: This gets 4 out of 5

Pros: fun retro gameplay
Cons: I have not been able to beat level 100!

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